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2011 nike air max 90 hyperfuse neon yellow shoes uk nike pullover Reporter Li Qian, Beijing, January 8th reporter Li Qian reported that the national foreign exchange management work conference was held in Beijing in January 7th, to 8. Meeting to convey learning the spirit of the Sixth Central seventh plenary session and the central economic work conference spirit and the fourth session of the national financial work conference, a comprehensive summary of the 2011 foreign exchange management each work, in-depth analysis of the current international balance of payments, the disposition of the 2012 foreign exchange management. The people's Bank of China deputy governor, the State Administration of foreign exchange director Yi Gang at the meeting on the management of foreign exchange report, deputy director Deng Xianhong, Fang Pu, Wang Xiaoyi, Li Chao, discipline inspection team leader Yang Guozhong, administration of foreign exchange (Foreign Exchange Management Bureau, Ministry of organs and units, bureau of overseas machine structure responsible person to attend the meeting. The meeting noted that in 2011, the CPC Central Committee and State Administration of foreign exchange in accordance with the overall deployment, thoroughly implement the scientific development view, accelerate the transformation of the foreign exchange management ideas and methods, to promote trade and investment facilitation and guarantee the fast growth of slow settlement and foreign exchange reserves, placed in a more prominent position, actively prevent and crack down on illegal inflow of "hot money", steadily promote the import and export verification system reform, improve the management of foreign exchange reserve, better to complete the main objectives and tasks identified in the early. The meeting stressed that 2012 is the implementation of the twelfth five year plan, an important part of the year. Facing the new situation at home and abroad, the economic emergence of new features, new opportunities and new challenges, foreign exchange management department to fully implement the party's Seventeenth National Congress of the Communist Party of Chinese and seventeenth, third, fourth, fifth, Sixth third Plenary Session of the central economic work conference and the fourth national financial work conference. With Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as guidance, thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, in the unified arrangements of the Party Central Committee in accordance with the State Council, to speed up the foreign exchange management philosophy and the "five changes, to 2011 nike air max 90 hyperfuse neon yellow shoes uk nike pullover strengthen monitoring and supervision of cross-border capital flows, to deepen the reform of key areas, promote the steady and rapid development of the domestic economy. The 2012 meeting of the deployment of foreign exchange management focus on key points: one is to adhere to risk the bottom line, construction of system and mechanism, to prevent cross-border capital flows; the two is to accelerate the reform of the foreign exchange management system, do a solid job in the import and export verification pilot reform and gradually promote, promote capital account convertibility, accelerating the development of foreign exchange market; the three is to change the way of management and improve the trade and investment facilitation; four is to improve the management system, realize the safety and liquidity of foreign exchange reserves; the five is to strengthen the system construction, improve the system construction, improve the E balance of payments statistics system, strictly adhere to administration according to law, to promote the work of the new level of the foreign exchange management level; the six is to further strengthen the construction of the party and clean government the construction of cadres and internal management.

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