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    Authentic Cheap Nike pays careful attention to the appearance of their shoes, and the Free Run+ is no different in this regard. It’s a great looking shoe, and comes in just about any color you can imagine – this fact alone seems to be a testament to Nike’s confidence that the shoe would be a big seller. Ads for the Free Run+ are colorful and highlight the shoe’s flexibility, and it’s one of the few more minimalist shoes that you will see on the walls of shopping mall shoe stores.One oddity about this shoe is that it has a curved last and an offset lacing system, which makes it look like the shoe bends medially when viewed from above. it’s one of the most comfortable shoes that I own and I often wear it out and about simply for this reason. As for sizing, the shoe runs true to size for me, and the fit is nearly perfect. The forefoot is plenty roomy for my medium width foot, and the heel through arch fit is nice and snug. There is a bit of arch support, which will likely turn off those more interested in truly minimalist shoes, though it is slightly less pronounced if you remove the insoles.